Xbox One X Unboxing: Watch Us Unwrap the World’s Most Powerful Console

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The Xbox One X has been the talk of the town, one way or another, and DualShockers recently received a review unit from Microsoft.

As we prepare to put it through its paces and see how all those teraFLOPs perform on actual games, we had to share with you the moment in which the beast was let out of its sleek black cage.

One thing is for sure: whether you need additional power, or you’re happy with a basic console, we have to admit that the Xbox One X is really a charming work of industrial design.

We also get to see the whole set included in the box, starting from the controller and ending with the high-performance HDMI cable that comes with the package.

Of course, a full review will also come soon enough, both in video and written forms, but for now, you can enjoy the video below.

In other Xbox One X news, Microsoft announced yesterday that it expects increased revenue this quarter thanks to the launch of Xbox One X. CEO Satya Nadella also reaffirmed the company’s confidence in the opportunities provided by the gaming industry.

Xbox One X releases on November 7th, priced at $499.99.

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