Genshin Impact Path of Gentle Breezes Moonchase Charm, Mystmoon Location in Mondstadt

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The Moonchase Festival Event in Genshin impact has entered its second phase (Path of Gentle Breezes), here are some of the locations of the Moonchase Charms placed in Mondstadt, alongside the Mystmoon Treasure Chests, which remember, are 5 Primogems each, so don’t sleep on this event.

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How to start Genshin Impact Moonchase Event phase 2 (Path of Gentle Breezes)

First, needless to say, for Phase 2 to trigger, you’ll need to have cleared phase 1 first, Path of Stalwart Stone. Be sure to check our guide for the Moonchase Charms and Mystmoon treasure chests locations in Liyue.

Once you’ve cleared Moonlight Seeker Phase 1, you can ask Linyang in Liyue Harbor to display on your map hint locations of the Charms and Mystmoom Chests for phase 2. Keep in mind you can only ask her once a day to display hints. Using the map below, you should be able to find all the Charms easily.

Note that the symbols don’t reflect every single Charm and chest in the area, but they’re all clustered together. So you’ll often find 2 or 3 other Charms or chests when investigating these symbols.

Moonchase Charms, Mystmoon Chests locations in Mondstadt, hint maps

Moonchase charm and mystmoon chest Mondstadt

The treasure chest symbols are the Mystmoon Chests, and the flame-like symbols are the Moonchase Charms.

Don’t forget the Moonchase Charms are the same as oculi, and they also appear on your mini-map as you get closer. Meanwhile, the Mystmoon Chests do not display on the mini-map, so keep your eyes open. Be sure to check behind tents too. and on top of trees. Again, some chests can be guarded so be sure to have your main party ready.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android. The Nintendo Switch version is also coming at some point but has no release date yet. The Moonchase Festival will be ongoing until October 11, but don’t wait until the end to rush everything. You can always contact me on Twitter @A_iyane07.

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