Watch the Crowd React to Monster Hunter World, God of War, Spider-Man and More at Sony’s E3 Experience

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Like every year, Sony Interactive Entertainment hosted PlayStation E3 Experience, a series of viewings of its E3 press conference in theaters across North and South America.

This year probably can’t be compared to the “E3 of Dreams” as many have grown to call the press conference in 2015, with the announcements of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Shenmue III and the re-reveal of The Last Guardian. Yet, there have beem quite a few interesting announcements, and the crowd in the theaters reacted as you might expect, with excitement and cheering.

Many gamers posted videos online, showing the reactions to various games they witnessed, and below you can see those for Monster Hunter World, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War and Spider-Man, courtesy of YouTube users AfroBushido, IMNelson, sycghost, Crowd Reaction, liljio14. You can watch quite a few below. Just keep in mind that reactions aren’t filtered, so there might be some graphic language shouted here and there.

The most interesting reaction is probably to Monster Hunter World, considering how the trailer started without many hints, and we see how the crowd moves from puzzlement, to curiosity, to joy. The same goes with Shadow of the Colossus, while reactions for God of War and Spider-Man were maybe a little more subdued since they weren’t as much a surprise.

Incidentally, Sony Interactive Entertainment also published its own video, even if that focused more on the fans before and after the show. You can check that one out at the bottom of the post.

Monster Hunter World

Shadow of the Colossus

God of War


Official fan reactions video from Sony Interactive Entertainment

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