Moi Rai Games’ Monster Sanctuary Gets a Fiery New Update

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Since launching into early access on Steam last August, Monster Sanctuary has seen several updates to expand and improve the Metroidvania meets Pokemon hybrid. Developer Moi Rai Games has already added important elements like PVP to its early access title. And there’s more to come. Some of that “more” is out now, as the team dropped a brand new area, the Magma Chamber in their latest update. Check it out below.

The new area is, of course, the biggest talking point here. The Magma Chamber opens up a brand new story arc for Monster Sanctuary. It includes eight new monsters to collect, including some new dragon-types. You’ll also have a new boss fight against a “demonic warrior”. Plus, the Magma Chamber has new shops and equipment for you to peruse and collect.

Along with the new area, Moi Rai has upped the level cap, put in new passive abilities, and given each monster its own type. The passive abilities are particularly cool because Monster Sanctuary gives each monster its own skill tree. As you level them up, you select their abilities and these top-tier passives are sure to have major gameplay ramifications for your beasties. Finally, the Magma update adds in a new PVP rating system which gives out special rewards as you rank up.

Monster Sanctuary has quickly become an incredibly feature-heavy game since its early access debut last year. With more to come on the horizon, it will be fun to see what Moi Rai Games adds next. If you want to check it out, Monster Sanctuary is available now on PC via Steam. We’re roughly halfway through the original time frame Moi Rai and publisher team17 set for the game. With everything they’ve added so far, I would be very surprised if we don’t get three or four more updates.

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