Laser League Receives New Developer Diary and Screenshots as this Weekend’s Closed Beta Begins

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A short Closed Beta for Roll7 and 505 Games’ upcoming multiplayer title Laser League began today and will run through Sunday, December 17. In order to celebrate the arrival of this Closed Beta, the developers released some new, crisp looking screenshots for the game alongside a brand new developer diary.

These screenshots showcase some of the game’s different classes in action, including the Shock class and Blade class. Meanwhile, in the development diary, Tom Haggerty, a Director of Roll7, John Ribbins, Creative Director at Roll7, and Simon Bennett, Studio Director of Roll7, all explain the game’s various mechanics to players.

The gist of the gameplay is that players must attempt to knock out their opponents by getting them to run into lasers that are opposite of their color. In order to do so, players must create the right combination of different classes and special abilities in order to win. Meanwhile, various power-ups will also pop up during matches, so players must stay aware of and take advantage of those. If you want to hear more on DualShockers’ thoughts on the gameplay, you can check out our preview of the game from E3

You can check out both the new gameplay screenshots and the mechanics-focused developer diary below. Laser League is currently poised to enter Early Access on Steam in 2018.


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