Indie Developer Brett Taylor Discusses Linelight and Upcoming Project at PLAY NYC

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Developer My Dog Zorro’s Linelight has been out over half a year, but that didn’t stop solo-developer Brett Taylor from representing the title at PLAY NYC. The game, which originally release on PS4 and PC, recently made its way to mobile in a effort to bring in a larger audience.

Linelight is a fantastic puzzle game, itself being a tribute to minimalism and the thoughtful no-frills approach to level design. Players take on the role of tiny white line “Dash” as you move your way through one-dimensional puzzles with zen-like music playing in the background.

During his interview with DualShockers Co-Founder Joel Taveras, the New Brunswick, NJ based Taylor talks about the hardships of indie development and the benefits of having other developers as a resource. Taylor says he himself is returning the favor, feverishly offering advice to anyone who asks him for it.

After that, Taylor talks about his upcoming project which is already in the works. The game is “functionally” done, and is much smaller than Linelight — that said, he hasn’t gone into more detail about what that game will be.

Linelight is currently available on PC, PS4, iOS and Android. DualShockers’ Lou Contaldi reviewed the game when it released, awarding it a 9.0 out of 10 noting “Through intuitive level design and a steady difficulty ramp, Linelight is able to punch far above its weight class.” Check out the interview below:

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