Here’s How to Make Bloodborne Blood-Soaked Rune Coasters For Your Battlestation

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Are you looking for a way to upgrade your battlestation or add some From Software flair to your gaming set up? You’re just in luck — the Bloodborne community has created a handy guide to make blood-soaked rune coasters that will give your gaming space a pop of Yharnam flair. If you’ve got the necessary tools, go ahead and give this project a try with the handy guide below.

First off, a quick thanks to Imgur user McDoogle528 who created this project and shared quick instructions on how to get these excellent DIY Bloodborne coasters off the ground. In fact, thanks from Hunters everywhere!

What You’ll Need:

1. Trace the Coasters and Cut

Using the jigsaw, clamp, and wood, trace out some coaster-sized circles with your pencil. For reference, most coasters will have a diameter of about 3.5″ to 4″, though you can always find one and stencil around it.

Once stenciled, go ahead and cut out all four (or more) pieces. Keep in mind, not every coaster needs to be perfectly circle — there is a bit of Yharnam disorder to misshapen coasters.

2. Smooth Out the Edges

Make sure you aren’t drawing blood from yourself! Go ahead and smooth down these edges with either some sandpaper or the dremel. Like we mentioned before, misshapen is totally okay here!

3. Stencil on Some Bloodborne Runes

Now it’s time to get artistic — specifically, adding in the runes. If you don’t remember all of the Caryll runes from Bloodborne, go ahead and use this page as a resource. You have roughly 30 to choose from, so don’t hold back in getting creative.

The ones above are Moon, Hunter, Heir, and Anti-Clockwise Metamorphasis.

4. Add the Felt Pads (Optional)

Now this step is entirely up to you — moving forward, having some grip onto the coasters will definitely help things go along. But if you are as clumsy as I am, you may prefer to wait until the whole project is out of the painting stage to add on the felt, given there is a good chance you will get paint on it.

In short, if you are practical and precise put it on now; if you are more concerned with aesthetics or are sloppy with your projects, add it at the end. Your call, Hunter.

5. Carve Out the Runes

Now that the Caryll Runes have been traced on, go ahead and carve them out using the dremel. Be careful that you keep the incisions generally consistent in depth, and that you don’t somehow go all the way through (especially on thinner pieces of wood).

6. Add On Some Black Base Coats

Now that you have the runes cut out, time to get to the easier parts. After making sure there is no sawdust on the coaster by brushing it off with a damp cloth, use the black acrylic paint to add a primary coat. Let the paint dry completely before adding a second coat of the black to add some more depth.

7. Give It Some Rustic Wear

Once both black coats have dried completely, we are breaking out a new effect: dry brushing. With the metallic silver, add a very very tiny drop. As McDoogle523 says, “less is more.” Brush that color in until you get the effect pictured above.

8. Add a Bloodstained Effect

Now to make the coster more fitting to the titular title, turning it Bloodborne-d. Within the runes, add a thin coat of the special FX blood to give it the pop of red. If you want, feel free to swap out the blood makeup with some red paint for a less-authentic effect.

9. Protect With a Waterproof Clear Coat

Finally, make sure to protect your creation. Using a waterproof clear coat like Mod Podge, wait until the “blood” has fully dried and give the wood a nice sheen.

And there you have it — a quick nine-step guide to making some excellent DIY Bloodborne crafts.

Even though Bloodborne is many years out, the community is still pumping out plenty of cool content — for instance, the Redditor who managed to uncover the location from the opening cinematic. While we may not be expecting a follow up to the From Software game anytime soon (despite an Easter Egg), players are still finding new content through data mining.

Bloodborne is available exclusively on PS4. If you somehow missed the atmospheric Souls-like title, you can still grab it via Amazon.

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