Final Fantasy XV PC Benchmark’s 8K Screenshots Show Insane Details Thanks to Nvidia Ansel

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We already knew that the Final Fantasy XV team went really over the top with the details and the visual fidelity of the game, but I never realized the full extent of it until Square Enix released the benchmark of the Windows Edition for PC.

Turns out that the benchmark is compatible with Nvidia Ansel, meaning that it has a full-fledged photo mode built in. At any point, you can press ALT+F2 to pause the sequence, move the camera however you like (with a lot more freedom of what you can do on consoles), apply filters, and explore angles of Final Fantasy XV that we have never seen.

Have you ever wondered what the scene looks like at the camp when Ignis puts the dish on the table and you just see your hand? Maybe you have wanted to see Shiva’s transformation from a different angle… for science. Maybe have wondered what a certain bird looks like? Now you can see for yourself.

There are some really insane details to discover all over the place, and if you know me, you also know that I never use terms like “insane” lightly.

If instead of looking at things up close, you want a bird-eye view, you can zoom out however much you like. I have not find limits to where I could move the camera, and I searched for a while. There might be some, but in that case, they’re very, very far away.

You can check out some screenshots I took today at 8K resolution, representing just a fraction of what you can portray and discover. Some characters are also really fetching to photograph just for fun.

It’s worth mentioning that the benchmark features a relevant story spoiler, and that’s included in the gallery below. I put all the spoiler-y pictures at the end, though. If you have not yet played the game, and plan to with the Windows Edition or the upcoming Royal Edition on consoles, stop browsing the gallery when you see Noctis with red eyes. You have been warned.

I should also give you an additional warning on the fact that the pictures including the spoilers are also potentially not safe for work, due to a certain Astral being… less than fully dressed. Again, if you stop when you see a Noctis with red eyes and the screen becomes bluish, you should be fine.

The game will be available on PC on March 6th, alongside the Royal Edition for PS4 and Xbox One. If you want to see more, you can check out a trailer for each, and a batch of 4K screenshots. In case you can’t run the benchmark yourself, you can also enjoy a video, just keep in mind what I mentioned above about spoilers.

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