Designer Discusses Last Day of June’s Origin in New Developer Diary

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505 Games launched a new video hosted by Ovosonico about their latest game Last Day of June, available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Game designer Massimo Guarini sits with musician Steven Wilson to discuss Last Day of June’s origins and how the developers approached such an emotional story. During the video, players can get a preview of the game’s premise as told by the developers and also preview a few scenes of gameplay.

Throughout Last Day of June’s story, players will first assume the role of Carl, a man who is suffering from loss. As his story unfolds, players will get the chance to play as other characters as well as discover where Carl’s story is headed.

Additionally, there is a Ground Hog Day mechanic where some of the most heartbreaking moments of Carl’s life are replayed as he is at the mercy of the player to change the outcome of his life.

Last Day of June was inspired by Steven Wilson’s music video for his song Drive Home, which exudes a theme of love and loss.

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You can watch the video below:

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