Control’s New Gameplay Trailer Highlights Jesse Faden’s Abilities

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505 Games and Remedy Entertainment have kicked off today by releasing a new trailer for the upcoming third-person title Control.

This time around, gameplay is at the forefront of this new trailer and boy, do we see a lot of it. Much like some of Remedy’s previous games, Control’s protagonist Jesse Faden has a slew of unique abilities at her disposal that we get to see more of in this video. From being able to float through the air above enemies to being able to chuck random objects around the environment, Jesse can utilize a wide variety of tactics in combat.

Additionally, we get a few better looks Jesse’s weapon of choice called the Service Weapon. If you weren’t already aware, this device can transform into multiple different weapon types such as a shotgun, pistol, and a sniper. This new footage shows off the various forms that the Service Weapon can take when it does transform and it looks pretty nifty.

The only other “new” piece of information is that of the release date, which is confirmed for August 27, 2019. However, if you were paying attention last week, Control’s launch date actually leaked through the Microsoft Store website. Remedy themselves then confirmed that this date was indeed the real release day prior to this new trailer’s debut.

Below you can find today’s new trailer for Control if you want to see more of the title’s gameplay for yourself. When Control launches this August, it will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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