Bouncy Smash’s Creative Director Zac Dixon Discusses Creating Indie Games

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You likely have never heard of upcoming iOS mobile game Bouncy Smash — in fact, no one outside the developer, his friends and his mother did until PLAY NYC. At least, that is what Creative Director Zac Dixon attests to when we caught up with him at the New York-centric gaming convention.

Speaking with DualShockers Co-Founder, Joel Taveras, in the video below, Dixon goes into detail on how he happened to create the whimsical mobile title and the rush of getting first reactions on your first indie project. According to Dixon, the game is a “super colorful, action packed platforming game” that feels like a “bouncy Mario.” More specifically, we see balls hopping around with combos, multipliers, and high scores that build in oh-so-satisfying ways.

The game is Dixon’s first title — hailing from the small and humble Nashville development scene, he works in an animation studio by day (as made obvious by the fun visual design).

Bouncy Smash will be available on iOS sometime in late October; while the game will likely be coming to Android, Dixon doesn’t want to make any hard promises on whether we will see it there or other platforms. Regardless, check out the video interview below:

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