Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don’t Want You to Miss

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E3 2017 has come and gone and hosted many great games: however, some of those titles might have been overshadowed by some of the bigger budget titles seen on stage. Despite the huge amount of games announced during the event, we here at DualShockers have put together a convenient list of great indie games that we don’t want to go under our readers’ radar.

So let’s get to it – here are the best indie games from E3 2017 that we don’t want you to miss:

Sundered – PS4/PC/Mac/Linux (July 2017)

Thunder Lotus Games continues to blow us away even as we approach the game’s scheduled July release date for PS4 and PC. The game is fast and beautiful, throwing players into procedurally generated Metroidvania-like dungeons where hordes of enemies are waiting. With a new region and boss encounters shown during E3 2017, we can’t wait to see what other surprises the developer has in store.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

A Hat in Time – PC/Mac (September 2017)

3D platformers are making a comeback, but most of them have only been revived IPs and reused concepts. With A Hat in Time, developer Gears for Breakfast seems to borrow old ideas, but present them in a charming and new way. The game follows a girl named Hat Kid who can travel through time, but mostly just wants to go home. She gains different abilities after obtaining new hats, which she must use to get past multiple obstacles, including enemies and puzzle-like areas.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds – PC (September 2017)

Not very often can a developer boast about being influenced by The Legend of Dragoon and execute it brilliantly, but Developer Semisoft did just that. Legrand Legacy takes the player back to the world of classic JRPGs with beautiful landscapes and set pieces as well as a battle system that could revival many of the genre’s greats. This is a game that should be on anyone’s radar who is looking for a unique RPG experience that caters specifically to fans of the genre.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

The Last Night – Xbox One/PC/Mac (2018)

During the Xbox Press Briefing at E3 2017, we were shocked to see The Last Light get its first gameplay reveal on stage. The game is a point-and-click adventure where the player must make choices in a world taken over by social media statuses and technology. Featuring beautiful pixel art in a stylized cyberpunk world, developer Odd Tales has a lot of ground to cover to keep up with the expectations created by new fans derived from the launch trailer, but as of right now we are obsessed with learning more.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

Battle Chasers: Nightwar – PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC/Mac (October 3, 2017)

Let it be known that if you haven’t heard of Battle Chasers: Nightwar then you are probably missing out on one of the coolest turn-based RPGs to come from a western developer. Airship Syndicate is not cutting any corners when developing one of the most visually gorgeous games that we had the privilege of seeing at the show. With creative director Joe Madureira at the helm, this is a game that contains awesome characters and frightening enemies and we can’t wait to get our hands on it again.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

The Last Day of June – PS4/PC (2017)

Is it possible for a game to make you feel regret? The Last Day of June homes in on just that. After facing a terrible accident, the player must assume the role of Car, who desperately tries to relive a terrible day in hopes of changing the outcome. The game has a clever way of handling player interaction with the world while handling the reality of this heart-wrenching situation.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

Light Fall – PC (November 2017), PS4/Xbox One (Early 2018)

I stumbled upon Light Fall at the Indie MIX event, having never heard of it before. It immediately piqued my interest when I saw it was a Limbo-esque 2D platformer, as I have a soft spot for those kinds of games. To my surprise, it was a super-immersive and fun experience. Platforming felt good to control and partway through the demo I gained the ability to spawn boxes, which I could use as additional platforms or to block lasers. Over the course of one night, Light Fall became one of my most anticipated indie games, and I can’t wait to see what the final product looks and plays like when it releases this November.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

Yoku’s Island Express – PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC (2018)

This game had been on my radar since its announcement a few weeks ago, so I was happy to go hands-on with the unique pinball/Metroidvania-platformer mix that was Yoku’s Island Express. Yoku himself was super cute, and the controls felt very simple and natural to use, with each trigger controlling the two different kinds of flippers. The area I played started simple enough to get me accustomed to the controls, but by the end I was trying to make precise shots in order to progress. It was one of the most original ideas I have seen for a game in a long time, making Yoku’s Island Express look very promising.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

Indivisible – PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC/Mac/Linux (2018)

Developed by Lab Zero Games, this fast-paced, turn-based RPG takes the genre to a new level. The game features 2D exploration through Metroidvania-like areas. Entering battle can be initiated by either coming into contact with an enemy, or beating the crap out of them to take some HP. In battle, actions are turn-based in the sense that players must wait for their character to recharge in order to launch another attack. The battle animations displayed are gorgeous, which works well with the stunning character designs. We’ll have to wait until 2018 for the game to release, but it seems like it will be well worth it.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

Children of Zodiarcs – PS4/PC/Mac (July 18, 2017)

Equal parts tactics game and deck builder, the game mixes up the usual tactical RPG formula and adds a large amount of depth. Endless combinations of different decks for each character will allow you to customize in ways that best suit your preferred play style. With promise of an engaging story and a variety of unique characters, Children of Zodiarcs offers something new for those looking for a change of pace in the tactical RPG genre.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

Battalion 1944 – PS4/Xbox One/PC (Currently in Early Access on PC)

Battalion 1944 was a huge surprise. The folks over at Square Enix Collective have really made something special: a responsive and fast-paced WW2 first person shooter. We got the chance to play as a four-man squad and it felt like something I would expect from a AAA title. Battalion 1944‘s success is simply that they’ve done what other companies have done with much less and the product is fun, fast, and keeps you smiling.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

Past Cure PS4/Xbox One/PC (Q3 2017)

A third-person narrative-driven game coming from developer Phantom 8. The development team stands at only 10 members, which makes the gorgeous visuals of Past Cure all the more impressive. I only played it for a bit at E3, but when I did the controls felt responsive and the story beats that I saw left me very interested. While there’s still a lot more to see on the gameplay side of things, I’m definitely intrigued to see how the plot plays out. Luckily, we should know more about Past Cure sooner rather than later, with the game scheduled to arrive later this year.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

Donut County – PC/Mac/iOS (2017)

Fun, stupid fun. The visual novel turned physics puzzle game is a blast and it’s hard to put into words why. All you’re doing is filling up a hole. A blade of grass? In the hole. A bunch of snakes? In the hole. People’s homes and family members? In the hole! You’re not really the antagonist, and no one dies. You’re just moving the story along to figure out why the hole is there and how all the citizens of Donut County are being affected. It must be the raccoons.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

Riverbond – PC/Consoles (2018)

Quite possibly my favorite co-op game I played during E3, indie game or not. It plays like a hack-and-slash title similar to Castle Crashers and has visuals that are reminiscent of Minecraft. In my time with Riverbond, I checked out 5 of the game’s 150 levels and each of them were incredibly unique and contained a fair amount of secrets. While I don’t know how enjoyable the game would be playing solo, it’s definitely something that I want to sit down on my couch and play with friends when it releases.

Best Indie Games From E3 2017 That We Don't Want You to Miss

Ashen – Xbox One/PC (Release Date TBA)

Let’s get one thing straight: some of us here are die hard Dark Souls fan, and when I got the chance to sit down to play Ashen at E3 2017, I was amazed that indie developer Aurora44 was able to accomplish something that FromSoftware has had trouble with since the beginning – proper cooperative multiplayer. Ashen has all the boxes ticked: atmosphere, combat pacing, exploration, and now a unique take on a co-op action RPG. All of this wrapped up neatly in an indie game that’s coming to the Xbox One.

What are your thoughts about the indie games we saw at E3 2017? Any that we missed that you want to give a shoutout to? Comment down below to highlight some of the best indie games that made their debut (or were shown) at E3 2017!

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