An h3h3 Character Pack Is Now Available in Payday 2

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If you just so happen to own Payday 2  and be an  h3h3 fan on YouTube, it’s your lucky day. One of the two producers behind the channel, Ethan Klein, revealed via Twitter that DLC featuring him and his wife is finally available on Steam. The DLC had been teased for a while on their channel and was originally an April fools joke that turned into a reality back in May during a Starbreeze Studio live stream.

If you’re unfamiliar with Payday 2 it’s a cooperative first-person shooter where you and up to three teammates pull off various heists. There is a slew of characters to choose from in the game whereas the first title only offered four. There are also lots of different customization options for each character. You can complete different heists however you choose to and you’ll be rewarded with experience and money based on you and your team’s performance.

Back in April, the game was announced for the Nintendo SwitchPayday 2 is supposed to launch this Winter on the device. The development studio revealed an update on that version of Payday 2 late last month, where it was shown running in portable mode.

Payday 2 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. You can check out the h3h3 DLC by going right here.

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