Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection Delayed Into Fall 2017 For Bug Fixes and Added Achievements

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XSEED announced that the upcoming western release of Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection will be delayed from summer 2017 until fall 2017.

Announced during E3 2017,  Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection was slated to release this summer. However, after undergoing QA testing, the team at XSEED does not feel right with releasing a game and then patching out the bugs at a later date.

These bugs include a game crashing error that will close your software if you are poisoned in an area of the game. The only way to prevent this crash would be to equip an anti-poison item, but it’s no guarantee that this will save every player’s game from crashing.

Additionally, there are some moments of the game where the Japanese text will appear instead of the localized text. Evidently, this is something that has been occurring more recently with the newer builds of the game. After looking through the files, the team discovered that there was extra text from Zwei 2 Plus Japanese release that wasn’t in their original script. As of now, they’ve translated and localized the text and are going through the game again for QA.

Lastly, the team would like to make sure that all the Steam achievements work because this will be the first version of the game that has achievements. Other ports that they have worked on had achievements already in place from the developer.

The announcement ends with a statement from Nick at XSEED about the delay:

Believe me, we’re not fond of game delays any more than you are. They’re disappointing, they let you down, and they’re awkward to announce. But, speaking personally, I’d rather wait for a game and have it work well from the get-go than play a game in a state where my immersion is interrupted by weird graphical or textual hiccups, or achievements popping at the wrong times. So that’s what we’re doing our best to deliver. Remember, every cake is gonna taste funny if it wasn’t baked long enough.

You can check out some screenshots of the bugs they have found below:

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