You Can Get a Ton of Final Fantasy Titles Discounted on PSN Right Now

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You can head over to the PlayStation Store right now to grab a slew of various Final Fantasy titles that are on sale for the holidays.

Some highlights include Final Fantasy XV, the VR tie-in title Monster of the Deep,  XII: The Zodiac Age, and XIV: Stormblood on PS4, as well as World of Final Fantasy for PS Vita and PS4. There’s also a ton of free DLC available for World if you’re interested in picking it up. Also, one of the PS4’s earliest titles, Type-0 is also featured in the sale.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for some more old school games, Final Fantasy VII, VI, IV, III, and IX are also a few of the titles included at a discounted price, some for the PS Vita and PS4. I recently just picked up IX on PS4 after finishing VII for the first time when it re-released last year.

With Dissidia Final Fantasy NT coming out later next month, you can go back and try the original Dissidia games that released on the PSP if you own a PS Vita. Those are the titles that I’ll personally be looking into.

You can check out the full list of deals by clicking on this link right here.

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