Yandere Simulator Gets Bloody Video Showing How You Can Drive a Rival to Murder

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Despite its colorful visuals and its apparently peaceful school setting, Yandere Simulator isn’t a game for the faint of heart or for the easily offended, as the latest video released by Yanderedev demonstrates once more.

The video is in storyboard form, featuring static (and very fetching) illustrations by Mulberry and Beedrops, and full voice acting.

It demonstrates how the player can drive a rival to gruesomely murder another student and get arrested, in order to get rid of her while keeping her own hands relatively clean.

Interestingly, it also includes some references to the story of Yandere-chan’s mother, who was also implicated in a murder in the nineties. A few weeks ago there had been some talk about an Eighties Mode starring her included in the game.

You can enjoy the video below, but do keep in mind that it deals with very dark themes and a lot of blood, so if you’re easily offended, maybe you should go right back to the front page.

Yandere Simulator is in development for PC, and it semi-recently got a  publishing deal with TinyBuild.

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