Yakuza 6’s Release Date has Been Pushed to April; Demo Coming Later this Month

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Those who have been anticipating the western release of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life will now have to wait just a few more weeks before being able to get their hands on the game.

Sega announced today via the Yakuza Twitter account that the release of Yakuza 6 has now been pushed until April 17, 2018. Originally, the game was slated to release on March 20, so this delay isn’t too lengthy. Sega claimed that this delay allows them to line things up a bit more before the release of Yakuza 6.

Part of lining things up includes a new demo for Yakuza 6 that will be arriving later this month on February 27. Those who play this demo will be able to bring over their saves from the demo to the final release of Yakuza 6 upon its now April release. Sega also says that they will be revealing more information about the game in the coming weeks.

Delays are never exciting when you’re waiting for a highly anticipated release like Yakuza 6, but there’s almost always a good reason behind every delay. Plus, this now allows Yakuza 6 to stand a bit more on its own in April, as its previous release date was surrounded by a ton of other notable games that are releasing from the week of March 20 to March 27.

You can find the tweet regarding Yakuza 6’s delay below. We’ll provide you with more information about the game’s upcoming demo in the nearing weeks.

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