Xbox One X “Feel True Power” Commercial Released Early… in Japanese; Looks Great

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Microsoft released quite a few teasers in the past few days of the TV commercial dedicated to promoting the Xbox One X with the slogan “Feel True Power.”

Apparently, the Japanese version of the ad has been released earlier, and you can check it out below. While the teasers were actually a bit underwhelming due to the few gameplay showcased, this one actually feels a lot better, and I would go as far as to say that it’s great.

A variety of games is showcased, from Assassin’s Creed Origins to Forza Motorsport 7, passing by Minecraft, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Halo Wars 2, Cuphead, Playerunknown’s Battleground, Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18, and more. Where the teasers lacked impact, this one is fast-paced and compact, while still showing a lot.

If you want to make a comparison, you can enjoy the video below, alongside the first, second and third teasers released yesterday, and the day before.

The full TV commercial was supposed to launch today (October 22nd) at 4:00 PM Pacific Time, and we’re probably still getting the English version then.

The Xbox One X will hit the store shelves on November 7th, 2017.

If you want to hear more about the upcoming console, you can watch our interviews with Product Manager Ryan Moore and Samsung National Training Manager Scott Cohen. You can also take a good look at our recent hands-on time with Xbox One X, and read our full interview with Aaron Greenberg.

Update: the commercial was removed, but below you can find an alternate upload.

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