WWE 2K18’s Creation Suite Is Getting New Improvements and Features

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As we near the release of the upcoming wrestling title, WWE 2K18, more incite on the game’s features and gameplay have been revealed. Recently, on the WWE2K Dev Spotlight series on YouTube, creative director Lynell Jinks gave a rundown of the title’s extensive creative suite, flaunting the character creation tools, custom arenas, and more.

Create-A-Superstar has received some improvements since the last iteration. Instead of choosing between multiple presets, a slider between two different body types lets you find your character’s “ideal” physique. Additional customization options are available to create the exact frame you desire for your wrestler.

A small, but worthwhile addition to the upcoming title is the improvement to logo mapping. The previous iteration’s creation tools would have the various symbols applied to your character’s attire fade at the edges of the selected part of your wrestler’s body. New to WWE 2K18, logos can now wrap around the selected apparel.

More features are showcased in the developer spotlight video including Create-a-Show, screen filters, highlight reel improvements, and all the new moves available in the game.

WWE 2K18 makes its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 17. The Nintendo Switch version will be available sometime this Fall. Pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition of the game will allow you to play four days early.

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