Wish Upon A Lantern In Genshin Impact – All Artwork and Events

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The latest Web Event, Wish Upon A Lantern, part of the Lantern Rite events, is ending soon in Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, Switch TBA). Players who haven’t progressed through all the event soon won’t be able to do so anymore and will be missing out.

miHoYo, so far, did not re-publish the artwork and lore featured in any of the past Web Events. Perhaps they will be released as part of an artbook one day. However, right now, once a Web Event ends, its content is lost forever. As such, DualShockers archived all the events and artwork featured in the Lantern Rite Web Event in Genshin Impact. You can find everything below.

We’ll first take a look at the five Xiao Lanterns and their poems featured in the event. Secondly, we’ll compile the artworks included in the retrospective part of the event. Needless to say, there are spoilers below if you didn’t complete all the Main Story Quests  / Archon Quests available in Genshin Impact so far.

The five Xiao Lanterns in the event:

  1. A Xiao Lantern decorated with imagery of bamboo leaves. May everything be as you wish in the year ahead.
  2. A Xiao Lantern decorated with sparrows flying to their nest. May heroes return home to reunite with family and friends.
  3. Decorated with with imagery of swimming fish. May our luck be abundant in the year ahead.
  4. A Lantern decorated with imagery of grain. May you want for nothing in the year ahead.
  5. A Xiao Lantern decorated with imagery of Mora. May you find riches and treasures in the year ahead.

Wish Upon A Lantern Genshin Impact Web Event – Retrospective Artwork And Story

Song of the Dragon and Freedom

“Having only just set foot in the world of Teyvat, you suddenly find yourself becoming Mondstadt’s savior. The sound of a new epic begins to ring out. Onward, Honorary Knight of Favonius!”

Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Web Event 2

Lupical, Fated Family

“What price must one pay to mollify the fury of the awakened Wolf of the North? Draw your steel, O you who are possessed of rare nobility, for this is your training ground!”

Who Stands at the “End”?

“The swelling dark tides burst forth here. Let us have a decisive duel in the name of our respective ideals!”

The Overlord of the Vortex Returns!

“But Liyue Harbor’s deity is gone. How will the city stand against this ancient and monstrous malice? The answer is…”

A meteorite shower of heretofore unseen scale has descended upon Teyvat, bringing with it a curse of long dreams.

“Is this a crisis or an opportunity? It’s time for action, Adventurers’ Guild Investigation Division!”

This is a treacherous road from which few return, but it is also a hiding place for many unknown treasures.

“What lies beneath the perennial snowstorm?”

Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Web Event 7

Do not forgot those who silently protect us, even as ten thousand lights should fly overhead.

“Let the Xiao Lantern bear your wishes unto distant lands…”

That’s all the events and artwork included in the Wish Upon A Lantern Web Event of Genshin Impact.

Personally speaking, I believe the retrospective in particular was a great idea on miHoYo’s part. While this Web Event had no gameplay elements unlike the Slime Paradise event, It’s pretty cool looking back to all the Main Story Chapter Quests and Events in Genshin Impact so far. It’s likely we will have a similar retrospective for the 2021 events. What was the story chapter or event you liked the most in Genshin Impact so far? Tell us in the comments.

The Wish Upon A Lantern Web Event will end with one billion Primogems distributed among all Genshin Impact players. Genshin Impact is also holding a collab crossover with KFC in China.

Genshin Impact Version 1.3 launched on February 3. miHoYo did not officially announce yet when Version 1.4 will be releasing. We also analyzed the recent leaks, explaining where they’re coming from. Lastly, Genshin Impact might soon receive a native PS5 version.

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