Wargroove Developers Close Out 2017 by Teasing the Adorable Dog Unit

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Ever since its announcement back in February, I have been intrigued by and kept an eye on Chucklefish’s upcoming strategy game Wargroove. The title calls back to Nintendo’s long-forgotten Advance Wars series in both visuals and gameplay style, which I really like, but the game is still putting its own spin on things with its unique setting and the various units players can use. Today, Wargroove’s developer closed out 2017 by showing off the cute Dog unit.

Throughout this month, they have been showing off some of the game’s other units including Soldier, Archer, and Spearman, but the Dog is by far the most unique one showcased thus far. According to developers, Dog units are really good because they are cheap to purchase, but are quite strong.

The Dog units are a glass cannon of sorts in Wagroove, as they are able to deal massive amounts of damage, but are also quite fragile and can die easily, especially against vehicles. Due to their high movement range, Chucklefish recommends players use Dog units for quick, first strike attacks. They also have a passive ability when traveling in packs. If two Dog units are on tiles next to each other, both Dog units will receive an attack bonus.

You can check out a gif showing the Dog units from the game’s four different factions below. Wargroove is poised to release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018.

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