Visual Novel Maker Gets Details and Release Date on Steam

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Degica Games announced the Visual Novel Maker will finally be released on PC-via Steam on November 16.

First revealed in summer of 2016, Visual Novel Maker is development tool that users can use to create visual novel experiences. The tool requires no skills in programing or background in development as the creators have made it simple enough to create works with little knowledge of the backend.

Visual Novel Maker allows users to simply click, drag and drop items, or type interface, in order to create scenes and control the flow of the entire game. Degica states, that any feature a visual novel fan would expect to be included is implemented in the game by default. Also, there are enough premade resources, such as, characters, backgrounds, and music to start creating right away.

Also, for creators who understand development, their extension tools available to create the right development experience.

The developer lists the features:

  • Simple click, drag & drop, or type interface
  • 11 Characters, with art for various outfits and expressions.
  • 150+ Backgrounds, Home, School, Date Locations, and more.
  • Easy to use localization interface for created games.
  • Live2D support
  • Exports finished games to PC, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS!

Visual Novel Maker is a part of the “Maker” series of games that includes the RPG Maker series.

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