Valkyria Chronicles’ Selvaria Bles Is Getting a New Figure Ten Years Later

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The Valkyria Chronicles series has many iconic characters, but few are as beloved as Selvaria Bles. The beautiful antagonist of the first game has touched the hearts of many fans with the combination of her charming looks designed by Raita Honjou and a tragic story of self-sacrifice and loyalty against all odds.

It’s not surprising that among the Valkyria Chronicles cast, she is the character that has been immortalized the most with figures, despite not being a protagonist. It’s also not shocking that nine years after the release of the original game, she is getting just another figure.

The new figure, created by Takatsuki-based manufacturer Ques Q, is titled “Valkyria Chronicles – Selvaria Bles Bunny Spy Version” and will release in Japan in June 2018, just after the 10th anniversary of the release of the original game on PS3.

The prototype was sculpted by Noin and colored by Pinpoint, and it’s 32 cm tall (1/7 scale). Made of PVC and ABS, she will cost 16,500 yen ($145) plus taxes.

Funnily, the design (by Raita Honjou himself) was made for Valkyria‘s browser game Valkyria Chronicles Duel, which has been closed since 2015.

If you want to see what she would like, you can check her out below. Do keep in mind that the pictures could be considered slightly not safe for work in some workplaces, so enlarge them at your discretion.

Honestly, whole the Valkyria Chronicles series has continued through the years, there has been no new valkyria that can be considered a worthy successor to Selvaria. Yet, Clymaria Lewin from Valkyria Chronicles 4 seems to have a lot of potential. Will she be worthy of her predecessor? We’ll have to wait and see.

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