Updated Xbox One UI and Features Revealed With High Contrast Modes and More

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Today, during the live version of the Major Nelson Radio podcast from PAX West in Seattle, Xbox and Windows Platform Head Mike Ybarra presented an upcoming update to the Xbox One UI.

Below you can see notifications that appear while idle, and the new home screen that has been renewed since it first appeared in alpha for preview insiders.

The next images show the new game hub, which allows developers to dosplay news about the games. We also see the multiplayer tab (in both the original dark mode and the newly-announced light mode) with integration for the Looking for Group feature.

On top of the default dark and light modes, we also get two high contrast modes, both light and dark.

Next we also get to see the achievement menu in both in light and dark mode.

Last, but not least, Microsoft showcased a video explaining and showing how you’ll be able to transfer games and 4K data between your Xbox One and the new Xbox One X, including a bulk transfer feature.

Xbox One X pre-orders have been made available on August 20th, and they sold out almost everywhere really quickly. Luckily, a second wave will be coming soon. The console will cost $499, and will launch on November 7th.

If you want to read more about Microsoft’s strategy for the new console and more, you can check out our recent interview with Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg.

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