Unofficial Remake Timesplitters Rewind Gets Development Diary on Progress and Upcoming Release

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Cinder Interactive Arts has been diligently working on its remake of the much-loved multiplayer title Timesplitters since 2013. Today, the team released its very first development diary, detailing the progress that has been made on Timesplitters Rewind, as well as some of the elements we can expect it to include.

To start, Cinder mentions that the game has been revised to make use of the new tools made available since the release of CryEngine 5.4’s preview build back in July. After a little view of the 2D art, which includes map-specific art, match selection screens, bot selection screens, etc., we get a view of some of the game’s environments, including a look at some of the assets for the Timesplitters 2 campaign mission, Siberia.

Although the game will continue to be built after its release, Cinder believes that the game is on-track to launch sometime this year.

Timesplitters Rewind is a free-to-play, unofficial remake of the original Timesplitters series with elements from all three games included. It is expected to release sometime in 2017 for PC, with possible other platforms to be determined at a later date. For more information on the game, check out its website. The full development diary can be viewed below.

Earlier this year, Cinder Interactive Arts released a teaser trailer that was rather mysterious.

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