Truant Pixel Explains How the PS4 Dynamic Theme Reproducing the PS2 Dashboard Was Made

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Yesterday, theme creators extraordinaire at Truant Pixels announced a dynamic PS4 theme designed to reproduce the glorious dashboard of the PS2.

Today, they released another video explaining how the theme was made, and the challenges that they had to overcome in order to achieve the desired effect.

We hard how the studio collaborated with Naughty Dog, Sony Interactive Entertainment America and Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan in order to do justice to the PS2 dashboard, and much more.

Even more interestingly, we hear some great insight about theme creation in general, and the many limitations that developers face, including memory footprint constraints. The lack of effects that developers often take for granted is also relevant, forcing them to create workarounds from scratch to reproduce the same outcome.

You can watch the full video below, while we wait for the release of the theme. It will launch on December 6th in both North America and Europe for $2.99 or €2.99, published directly by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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