Trippy Earthbound-Inspired Indie Game Knuckle Sandwich Launching in 2018

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With the New Year celebrations come and gone, a lot of large AAA game news have eclipsed smaller announcements. And one of those smaller announcements released nearly a week ago was a confirmation of a launch date for Earthbound inspired indie game Knuckle Sandwich.

Revealed in a New Year’s day tweet from the Knuckle Sandwich Twitter account (below), the single-developer based studio announced that “everyone will get to play the dang videogame [sic.]” in 2018. Along with that announcement, we got a new animated gif of the game’s protagonist looking a bit dazed.

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered Knuckle Sandwich, given that the trailer released earlier last year wowed us. The story follows a young man who is looking for an escape from his boring diner job — and solving the disappearances in his town happens to be that escape. With a mix of the quirk Earthbound humor and inspired 90’s-themed background music, this is definitely an indie game that fans of similar titles should keep an eye out for.

Knuckle Sandwich has so far only announced a PC and Mac launch — which will apparently happen in 2018. DualShockers has reached out to developer Andrew Brophy to see if he intends to bring the game to other consoles and are waiting for comment. In the meantime, check out Knuckle Sandwich’s tweet below:

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