Tricky Towers Launches on Xbox One with Exclusive Single-Player Content

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After WeirdBeard Games’ Tricky Towers found success on PlayStation 4 and Steam, the developer set its sights on the Xbox One platform. Today, Tricky Towers came to the new platform, bringing with it new content and a launch trailer.

As had been teased previously, Tricky Towers‘ Xbox One launch comes with it the inclusion of an exclusive single-player mode. In the new mode, players must build their towers as quickly as possible in order to beat the rush of rising water.

If you weren’t there for the original release, Tricky Towers is a multiplayer brick-stacking game in which you must compete with a friend to build the best tower. However, while you and your friend build your respective towers, you’ll also have to cast offensive and defensive spells to keep it structurally sound. In the end, whose tower will be left standing?

Tricky Towers is currently available on PlayStation 4, PC, and now Xbox One for $14.99. For more information on the game, you can always check out the official website or the Steam page.

Back when the game released on PlayStation 4, DualShockers completed a review of the title, finding it to be an excellent multiplayer game with a few points of frustration.

Below you can find the game’s Xbox One launch trailer.

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