Tower 57 Receives a Trailer that Shows 11 Awesome Things About the Game, Including a Release Date

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Indie developer Pixwerk and publisher 11 Bit Studios released a new trailer for their upcoming Amiga-inspired top-down shooter Tower 57 today titled “11 FACTS about Tower 57″. In addition to showcases a bunch of neat things about the game, the title’s release date is also revealed at the end of the trailer: November 16.

For those of you who don’t know, Tower 57 had a successful crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter back in 2015 and aims to call back to popular Amiga top-down shooters like Alien Breed and The Chaos Engine. The game is playable in both single-player and co-op, which is both local and online. The game’s world has been deemed as “Dieselpunk” by the developers and features some quite nice pixel art.

Player limbs can also be detached by certain enemies, but when playing in co-op, your partner can be helpful and carry you to the nearest place to upgrade them. Tower 57 also boasts six different characters for players to control, all of which have different weapons and special abilities. The game’s environments are also highly destructible, so players can let loose with the full power of their weapons.

The game itself will only be $11.99 when it launches on Steam, Humble Bundle, and GOG, though a two-pack is also available on the Humble Store for only $19.99 that will garner both you and a friend a copy of Tower 57. I had the chance to play a decent chunk of Tower 57 back during Poznan Game Arena with one of the developers Thomas Feichtmeir, so you can check out my preview on the title to see my thoughts on what I played.

You can check out the new trailer below. Tower 57 will launch on PC November 16, with the developers considering console ports in the future.

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