Top-Down Slow-Mo Shooter Time Recoil Is Soon to Launch Itself into the Future on Xbox One

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10tons Ltd recently debuted the full release of its new action title Time Recoil on Steam August 10. Today the developer announced that it won’t be much longer before the game becomes available on Xbox One.

According to the Microsoft Store, Time Recoil will be making its way to Xbox One in North America on September 14.

In Time Recoil, you are encouraged to kill enemies in order to slow down time. The title is a top-down shooter featuring frantic gunfights that encourage you to charge in, guns-blazing. With the super power to extend the time slowdown by killing more enemies, you also power-up a special move. The more charged that move is, the stronger its effect will be, eventually reaching a full time freeze.

Time Recoil is currently available on Steam for $13.99. Upon release on Xbox One, the game will also cost $13.99. However, there is currently a 20% discount on the Xbox One version of the game for those interested in pre-ordering prior to the release date.

For more information on Time Recoil, you can visit the developer website page established for it, or you can check out its Steam page. Below is the most recent trailer released for the game

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