Tokyo Tattoo Girls Gets Western Release Date and Cheeky Tattoo Screenshots During Gamescom 2017

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NIS America announced that  Tokyo Tattoo Girls will launch in North America and Europe on November 14 and November 17, 2017, respectively for the PlayStation Vita and PC-via Steam.

Tokyo Tattoo Girls gives players the task to conquer Tokyo’s 23 wards if they hope to escape the calamity that has fallen over the region. However, this isn’t the easiest mission to take on as each ward is protected by a powerful group known as “Kumi”.

In order to control new wards and escape the region, players will need to form bonds with girls who have been granted power to fight by using the magic of tattoos that can be placed on their bodies. Furthermore, gameplay is much like a strategy game where players will need to build forces and take on Unions in order to obtain victory.

Key features include:

The Power of Tattoos – Choose your companion character to help you escape from Tokyo, and develop her abilities by giving her powerful tattoos.

A City to Conquer – Battle against the Syndicate to conquer all of Tokyo’s 23 Wards in the hope of escaping the city!

Gorgeous Tattoo Designs – Enjoy unique designs inspired by traditional Japanese tattoo art created by tattoo artist Koji Tanaka.

You can check out the tattoo scenes in the new screenshots below:

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