Tiny Metal’s Wolfram Fires Up Twitter and Prepares to Tell Her LongShorts Story

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If you’re someone who has been eagerly anticipating the release of developer Area 35’s Tiny Metal, then you may find today’s news to be of some consolation for your anxiety. No, this isn’t the announcement of a firm launch date, but it is the promise of some interesting content from the game soon to come… in the form of a tweet.

Area 35 and LongShorts are currently in a partnership to tell the story of Wolfram, the Commander of the White Fang Army. What LongShorts does is transform a story into bite-sized chunks, all narrated through Twitter. You can find Wolfram’s first post, teasing the beginning of her story in the tweet below.

LongShorts promises that the story will begin in-full next week, but if you’re eager to see what it’s all about, there’s a quick preview currently available. By visiting the LongShorts website, you can get a glimpse at how Wolfram’s story will be told and what kind of story it will be.

Tiny Metal is currently in development for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac. For more information on the game, you can visit its official website. For more information on LongShorts, you can also visit its website.

Interested in seeing more of Tiny Metal? Not so long ago, a new trailer was released for the game, featuring its gameplay heavily inspired by Advance Wars.

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