Time Traveling Visual Novel ‘Newton and the Apple Tree’ Coming West From Sol Press Through Crowdfunding

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Sol Press and MiKandi Japan launched the official KickStarter for the time traveling visual novel Newton and the Apple Tree and in 24 hours the project met and passed its campaign goal of $31,200.

Originally released in Japan in May 2017, Newton and the Apple Tree stars main protagonist Syuji Asanaga and his childhood friend Yotsuko Utakane as they unexpectedly ended up traveling through time while searching for Syuji’s missing grandfather.

Incidentally, the two came face to face with no other than the father of modern-day science, Sir Isaac Newton, who ends up being a “flat-chested girl”. However, because of their presence, Newton doesn’t discover gravity and history as they knew it begins to change. Syuji must now work to fix history as well as figure out how to return to his own time period.

The KickStarter was launched to guarantee that the game receives a proper translation team for the 15-30 hour runtime. Also, Sol Press is using their experience gained from their first KickStarter, Sakura Sakura, to make sure that any issues they ran into with that game didn’t happen again.

To receive a digital version of the game will be a $15 dollar pledge, with the physical version becoming available at the $55 tier.

On the team’s current time schedule they plan to have the game released by May of 2018 on PC. The KickStarter will stay active for another 32 days.

You can watch the announcement video as well as check out some preview CG below:

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