Thrustmaster Announces New Racing Wheel TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition

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This week, gaming peripheral company Thrustmaster announced a new product to its line of racing wheels, the TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition.

According to the press release, the product was announced to celebrate Ferrari’s 70th anniversary was explicitly designed for fans of the legendary sports car in mind. The TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition is a 9:10 scale replica of the real Ferrari 488 Challenge. In addition to looking like the real-life automobile, the product also features two 5.5”/14 cm tall sequential metal paddle shifters, two D-pads, two metal rotary switches, eight action buttons, and fifteen LED lights.

The manufacturer also announced that the TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition is a reliable accessory for PC gamers that enjoy racing titles due to the slew of powerful features included in the product. Such as a brushless 40-watt motor, a Motor Cooling Embedded system, a field-oriented control algorithm, turbo power unit with 86% efficiency, mixed belt-pulley and gears system, and a strong base, which is compatible with all mounting services.

Currently, the TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition is set to launch sometime next month at a retail price of $699.99. While this price tag is extremely pricey for many; those who are avid gamers of the racing genre, or are those who are on the market for a sturdy wheel, and happen to have a significant budget should consider picking this product up.

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