The Rhythm Violence of Thumper Comes to iOS Devices Next Month

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Thumper has slowly been arriving on a variety of platforms since its initial release in 2016, but it still hasn’t come to mobile devices. Well, that is until next month.

In a post on the Thumper Twitter account, it was revealed that the rhythm violence game will be coming to iOS devices next month on January 24 as Thumper: Pocket Edition. This version of Thumper will include all 9 original levels that have been seen in each other version of the game and will also able to be played in either portrait or landscape modes at 60 frames per second. Additionally, it’ll be optimized at launch for iPhone X devices.

Thumper was first available on PS4 and PC when it released last year, but it ended up coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One earlier in 2017. It’s also worth mentioning that Thumper is able to be played through the use of PlayStation VR for those that want a more engrossing experience.

For now, it seems that Thumper: Pocket Edition will only be available on iOS, but an arrival on Android hasn’t been ruled out. In a follow-up Tweet after the announcement of Thumper: Pocket Edition, the Thumper Twitter account stated that a version for Android is “TBD.” If the game is successful on iOS, it wouldn’t be unlikely to see it arrive on Android some point down the road.

Thumper: Pocket Edition will cost $4.99 and is available for pre-order now.

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