The Massive Steam Autumn Sale Is Now Open; Brings Tons of Discounts

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Black Friday is almost here, and Steam has just opened its traditional Autumn Sale, bringing sizable discounts to a massive number of games.

The deals include discounts up to 80%, and comes with plenty of gems for you to browse. As usual, the games are mostly for PC, with many compatible with Mac and Linux.

Highlights include NieR: Automata 40% off, Middle-earth: Shadow of War 40% off, South Park: The Fractured But Whole 25% off, WWE 2K18 40% off, Grand Theft Auto V 50% off, Dark Souls III 60% off, Fallout 4 50% off, The Evil Within 2 50% off, Doom 50% off, Black Desert Online 50% off, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 50% off, Elite Dangerous 55% off, For Honor 60% off, Raiden V: Director’s Cut 40% off, Total War: Warhammer 66% off (if you want to play the Mortal Empires campaign in the second game and don’t have the first), and many more.

Do keep in mind that it could take a bit for the discounts to show on your end, as the servers are slammed as usual as the sale just opened.

If you’re ready to make your wallet cry, all you have to do is to head here and start splurging. Of course, both I and you know that most of those purchases will just add to our backlog (also called “pile of shame”), but this is the nature of the Steam Sale beast.

The sale will end on November 28th, much to the relief of our bank accounts.

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