The Lost Child Adds Nintendo Switch Release Alongside PS4 and PS Vita

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NIS America announced that El Shaddai creator’s The Lost Child will receive a Nintendo Switch release along with the already announced PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version.

The Lost Child is a turn-based dungeon crawling RPG set in the universe of El Shaddai created by El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Director and Character Designer Takeyasu Sawaki.

The Lost Child tells the story of Hayato Ibuki who finds himself at the center of a conflict between heavenly and demonic forces. During a series of suicide investigations in Tokyo, Hayato will need to form allies and fight his way through a demonic war.

During gameplay, players will be able to capture enemies and add them to their party as well as level them up and customize skills. The game features over 100 enemies to fight and capture, each with 3 unique forms. Additionally, there are over 250 skills that the party learn depending on level and the captured Astrals. Lastly, there are multiple dungeons the vary in length, but The Lost Child also features a 100-floor dungeon to test the player’s skill.

In case you missed it, a new trailer was for The Lost Child release showing gameplay and characters from the upcoming dungeon crawler.

The Lost Child will release physically on PlayStation 4 and Switch, but digital only on PlayStation in the west when it releases this Summer.

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