The Longest Five Minutes for Switch, PS Vita and PC Gets Release Dates

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Today, NIS America announced that its upcoming pixel art-powered JRPG The Longest Five Minutes now has a release date.

The game will launch for PS Vita, Nintendo Switch in North America on February 13th and in Europe on February 16th. The PC version will release at the same time in both North America and Europe, on February 13th.

To add the proverbial cherry on top of the announcement, the publisher also released a new trailer, showcasing the gist of the game. The hero finds himself suddenly facing the Demon King, without having the slightest idea of why he is there. Through the power of “reexperience” he’ll have to relive the road that brought him there, with clues dropped by his allies and by the Demon King himself helping him remember and regain his powers for the final  fateful battle.

The game, developed by SYUPRO-DX, was originally released in Japan in 2016 for PS Vita only, and it’s now finally almost ready to come west. It took a while, since the announcement also came in 2016, with the Switch version being the last to be announced back in July.

While we wait for the game to hit our consoles (or PC), you can enjoy the trailer below.

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