The GameSir G5 Is a Game Controller Dedicated to Mobile MOBA and Shooter Games; Kickstarter Now Live

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Today, tech company GameSir launched a Kickstarter project to help fund their revolutionary game controller the GameSir G5.

According to the manufacturer, the GameSir G5 is a video game controller designed for mobile devices; however, unlike other mobile game controllers, the G5 is the first of its kind as it is explicitly designed for those who enjoy playing MOBA and shooter games. Despite GameSir manufacturing a slew of mobile game accessories over the last five years, the rise of online gaming and popularity of MOBAs and shooters have inspired the company to create the first portable gamepad designed for these two gaming genres.

Visually, the GameSir G5’s deisgn looks very similar to the Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller. However, this product has more than enough original features to stand out. The G5 offers five key features, which were designed to help provide mobile MOBA and shooter gamers get an edge on their competition – an innovative trackpad interface, a unique button layout, mechanical triggers, and extra programmable buttons.

The product’s trackpad allows responsive and perceptive, allowing the controller to track your finger’s input accurately. To put it simply, the trackpad serves as a multitool, enabling you to perform in-game actions such as casting a spell or toggle the camera angle. While the button layout, located above the trackpad is MOBA friendly and designated to assume multi-function hotkeys work for different games.

The G5 also includes four mechanical triggers, which equivalates to the shoulder buttons you would find on an Xbox One or DualShock 4 controller; four 1mm mechanical triggers provides an effortless experience and provides immediate feedback with a short key travel distance. Lastly, the G5’s design also includes four additional programmable buttons. Much like high-end controllers such as the Xbox One Elite, Razer Wolverine Ultimate, and any of the SCUF Gaming controllers, the G5’s extra programmable buttons allows games to customize their controller to accommodate their style of gaming.

Currently, the device’s Kickstarter goal has made $378 of its $10,000 goal from six backers with the campaign set to conclude on Wednesday, February 8. Those interested in backing the campaign, there are five backer tiers available, most notably the Dual Queue Legendary Pack; for $85, backers who choose this tier will receive a slew of goodies, including two G5 gamepads.

For additional information on the product, check out a few screenshots of the G5 in action below:

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