The Forest Plants a Brand New Multiplayer Trailer, Gets PS4 Release Window

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It seems like forever since we heard about Endnight Games’ The Forest. In fact, it was almost exactly three years ago today where Co-Founder Anna Terekhova made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, And with little more than a peep about the PlayStation 4 port since then, we have a brand new multiplayer trailer that plays up the creepy.

With glimpses of both terror and serenity, you see the characters’ tumble from the sky landing in water. From there we see resource gathering, fish spearing, wood chopping, and terrifying monsters of the night. Oh yes, terrifying monsters of the night.

Shown in both the day and the night, the monsters find themselves anywhere between running zombies and six-legged monstrosities. And unlike the norm of survival horror, players have the ability to fight back with whatever they can build to defend themselves with.

On top of that, the game now has an official launch window. No longer hiding in the dark, The Forest should be coming to PlayStation 4 in 2018.

The Forest isn’t brand new to the gaming scene — the alpha of the game launched in May 2014 exclusively for PC and is still in Early Access.

As mentioned above, The Forest is available now in early access on PC; players can try out the full game on PlayStation 4 in 2018. Check out the brand new trailer below:

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