The Flame in the Flood Coming to Nintendo Switch on October 12

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Publisher Curve Digital and developer Molasses Flood have announced that their survival-adventure game, The Flame in the Flood, will sail onto Nintendo Switch in exactly one week: aka arrive on October 12.

The game will only be available digitally via the eShop, at a price-point that has not been disclosed. In other words, we don’t know if it will include the Switch-tax which has affected many games, which is to say games have cost more on Nintendo’s new hybrid console than other platforms in the past. If the price-point is in-line with other versions: it will cost $14.99 USD.

For those that don’t know: The Flame in the Flood first released back in February 2016 for PC, Mac, Xbox One. It then arrived 11 months later on PS4.

The Flame in the Flood was notably the debut game of Boston-based developer Molasses Flood, which was founded in 2014, and is comprised of the former Art Director of BioShock and a team of veterans whose previous work includes BioShockers, Halo, Rock Band, and more.

The game, as described by Curve Digital, is a bleak but beautiful rogue-lite set upon a treacherous, procedural generated river. With the help of your trusty dog Aesop, you step into the shoes of Scout, an intrepid wandererwho is tasked with surviving off your surroundings, meaning you will need to hunt and scavenge your way through a post-societal America, evading dangerous wild animals and surviving mother nature in the process.

A new trailer accompanied today’s announcement — you can check it out below:

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