The Evil Within 2 Footage from This Year’s Gamescom Leaked

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Footage of Tango Gameworks’ psychological horror sequel, The Evil Within 2, was leaked today via Streamable. The video features gameplay of Shinji Mikami’s thrilling follow-up from this year’s Gamescom demo.

The footage begins at the beginning of Chapter 2 of the upcoming survival horror game. Players will assume the role of Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he searches for his missing daughter, Lily. While the footage does not exhibit the highest visual quality, it does offer an extended look of the game’s haunting atmosphere, and horrific gameplay. If you don’t mind spoilers, I suggest checking out the video below.

This is not the first time The Evil Within 2 was plagued with a leak. Prior to Bethesda Softwork’s E3 press conference back in June, the game was advertised prematurely on Reddit. To the dismay of horror fans, clicking the ad would redirect those eagerly awaiting for the upcoming sequel to the original game’s website. As anticipated, the game was announced later that night.

Since its reveal, plenty of screenshots and trailers have been revealed including the most recent showcase featuring one of the game’s disturbing antagonists, Stefano Valentini.

Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks will launch The Evil Within 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 13.

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