The Crew 2 Getting Harley Davidson Motorcycles Starting with the Iron 883

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Today Ubisoft announced via press release that Harley Davidson’s iconic motorcycles will appear in the upcoming racing game The Crew 2.

The first Harley Davidson motorcycle to appear in the game will be the Iron 883, with additional models to be integrated in the game down the line. You can see the Iron 883 in the picture at the top of the post.

The publisher describes the bike as a “nimble urban machine that kicks asphalt” thanks to its  “with bare-knuckle minimalism and garage-built style.”

Ivory Tower Studio Managing Director Ahmed Boukhelifa accompanied the announcement with a statement, celebrating the legacy of Harley Davidson and mentioning that it’s a natural fit for The Crew 2.

“We are thrilled to partner with Harley-Davidson in The Crew 2. Harley-Davidson is a legendary, global brand, deeply rooted in American culture. The partnership was a natural fit as Harley-Davidson represents the same thirst for unrestrained exploration and the American passion for all things motorized that has inspired our vision for The Crew 2.”

Harley-Davidson Motor Company Vice President Global Marketing & Brand Heather Malenshek also commented, explaining that the company hopes that the game will inspire more people to engage in the motorcycling sport.

“Harley-Davidson has a storied past of celebrating the American spirit, freedom and love of the open road. For almost 115 years, our customers have explored American cities and roadways with our motorcycles. With the launch of The Crew 2 we hope to inspire more people, young and older, to engage in the sport of motorcycling”

The Crew 2 will come to PS4, Xbox One and PC in early 2018. You can check out its reveal trailer and gameplay, and a batch of screenshots.

Recently, Ubisoft revealed that registrations for the game’s upcoming beta test have reached record levels among all of the games published by the company.

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