Switch-exclusive Breakdancing Indie Floor Kids Pushes Update, Fixing Bugs and More

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Representing the largest update since the game came out, developer MERJ unveiled a brand new update for Floor Kids that resolves a host of requests and bugs that fans of the unique title have been clamoring for. These new improvements include new localization options, sped up card collection, and being able to handle the rare situation where you tie in a PvP dance-off.

News comes by way of the Floor Kids official website, that listed out all of the changes. You can see a full list — including the new features and all of the bug fixes — at the bottom of the article.

What is Floor Kids? The title is (currently) a Nintendo Switch exclusive rhythm game that places the focus of gameplay on freestyling. Using a unique art style and setting, the game focuses on an inner-city dance turf war, where the player must “break” their way into the hearts of the masses and recruit new members to join your crew.

DualShockers reviewed Floor Kids when it originally released. The game is currently exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Check out the updates for the game, below:

Improvements:  - Improved transitions out of Freeze moves and made them more responsive.  - Localized to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.  - Unlock location moments more visible.  - Character select defaults to previously selected.  - Multiplayer results now identifies the winner more clearly.  - Handling a draw in multiplayer.  - Toprock tutorial instructs you to return to toprock if in another category.  - Sped up card reward collection.  - Added Strobe instruction to Controls screen.  - Added Strobe tip to loading screen.  - Saving language change selection.  - Power and Freeze bonus display update.  - Credits update to include localization team, updates to thank you section.  - Multiplayer chorus hits use stereo panning for audio feedback.    Various bug fixes  - Flavor Bonus no longer triggers on round exit in multiplayer.  - Particle effects fixed for player 2.  - Combo move list transparency animation.  - No longer see map view after confirming a location selection.  - Move name updates in Breakdeck.  - Move name not appearing sometimes on first move performed.  - Various pluralization and capitalization throughout.  - Can no longer skip through Power tutorial with any power move.  - Hops now count up correctly in results.  - Removed extra red highlighted squares from appearing in chorus game.  - Improved confirmation screen performance.  - Improved scrolling behavior in options menu and results screens.  - Various crowd character placement tweaks.  

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