Super Pixel Racers Announcement Trailer is All About Retro Racing

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As the retro revival continues to dominate an increasingly creative corner of the gaming industry, Super Pixel Racers intends to pay homage to the racing titles of yesteryear while whipping around a 16-bit dirt track.

Super Pixel Racers is an isometric racing game with a cool early 90s overtone. The engines within the deliberately pixelated cars emit a nostalgic hum as they prepare to take off from the starting grid. Colliding with other vehicles on the track results in a satisfyingly dull smacking effect which sounds like it’s coming straight out of a classic 16-bit console.

The game’s announcement trailer showcases the heated action that Super Pixel Racers has in store. Smoke and dust engulf the track as cars pass through, drifting smoothly around corners, and hitting the nitro for a high-speed boost to propel them into pole position. The frantic and aggressive gameplay looks to be reminiscent of 90s titles like Micro Machines, Badlands or even the 2005 PlayStation 2 gem Mashed: Fully Loaded.

You can expect to see a range of modes to choose from H2 Interactive’s and PQube Games’ Super Pixel Racers including a single player campaign, local multiplayer with up to four players, and chaotic 8-player online matches.

Super Pixel Racers is booked to land on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 31, 2018.

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