Sudden Strike 4 Receives New Video Detailing Post-Launch Development Roadmap

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Back in August, Kite Games and Kalypso Media released Sudden Strike 4 on both PC and PS4. Since then, they have been supporting the title with a variety of updates and DLC to keep players hooked. Today, a new video was released that details the game’s post-launch development roadmap, from last September into the foreseeable future.

The video begins by detailing previous updates to the game. In September, Sudden Strike 4 saw improvements like lobby/teamchat and improved pathfinding and collision, new multiplayer maps, and a classic multiplayer mode. Then in October, larger multiplayer maps were added, and a Road to Dunkirk DLC pack was released.

After showing what has been added to the game over the past few months, the video then delves into what will be added to Sudden Strike 4 in the future. This includes a classic mode for Skirmish, added zooming and rotation features for the camera, commander balancing, brand new commanders, improved AI, a Level Editor Tutorial, and brand new campaigns that take place on new continents.

It is nice to see that the developers are continuing to passionately support the game post-launch, as strategy games like Sudden Strike 4 usually only benefit from receiving a variety of gameplay tweaks and updates. You can check out the development roadmap trailer below. Sudden Strike 4 is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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