Subsurface Circular Creator Mike Bithell Shares Game’s Successful Stats

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At DICE Europe today, Mike Bithell — the creator of Thomas Was Alone and Volume — revealed his latest PC title, Subsurface Circular, has the low refund rate of 2% in its launch week. What makes this particular statistic impressive is the game takes less than two hours to complete. To those who are not familiar with Steam’s refund requirements, any title can be returned within the first fourteen days of purchase if you have played it for two hours or less.

Additionally, Bithell revealed that the text-based sci-fi adventure has already made back its production cost in its first three weeks after release and has garnered a stable 97% Steam review score. Due to the game’s success, he also announced that his team at Bithell Games will “continue to explore short games.”

In Subsurface Circular, you assume the role of a robot detective investigating a string of mysterious disappearances. Stationed on the Subsurface Circular — the underground train that transports the city’s robotic working class — you will interact with the various Teks, asking them questions that pertain to the case. As you investigate, certain key words and phrases will be attained allowing you to solve dialogue puzzles, and uncover the mystery behind the strange disappearances.

Subsurface Circular is available now for PC and Mac on Steam.

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