Street Fighter EX’s Cracker Jack Announced for PS4 Exclusive Fighting EX Layer

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Arika is still in the process of revealing the playable fighters that will be included in the upcoming PS4 exclusive fighting game Fighting EX Layer.

This time around, the newly-teased character is Cracker Jack. Like his predecessors, he comes straight from the Street Fighter EX series, that was originally developed by Arika. He appears in a short video, wich gives just a glimpse of his new look.

This time around, though, there is a caveat. Cracker Jack’s new name is simply Jack, as Arika announced that it can’t use the original due to copyright issues. While they didn’t mention where the problem is, it’s possibly due to “Cracker Jack” being the name of a rather popular brand of caramel pop corn.

You can check out the trailer below.If you want to see more, you can check out the tease for Blair Damethe official title revealthe announcement of Doctrine Dark alongside the Tokyo Game Show Trailer a long gameplay video from July, a large gallery of screenshots, and the gameplay trailer showcased at EVO 2017.

Fighting EX Layer will launch in 2018 exclusively for PS4.

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