SteamWorld Dig and Fe Developers Merge, Creating Thunderful Games

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In an announcement that is filled with some deja vu, two of the most prominent indie developers have taken a new step in their continuing merger. Both Image & Form games (SteamWorld Dig 2 and SteamWorld Heist) as well as Zoink Games (Fe and Stick it to the Man) have merged, creating parent company Thunderful Games.

Now why does this news sound oh-so familiar? While Thunderful Games (as an institution) is new, both Image & Form and Zoink Games have been working intimately together since 2014. Back then, Zoink Games partnered with Image & Form so they would not have to worry about the logistics of publishing, so this new merger is a much more intricate deal between the two studios.

The best part about this announcement, however, is that Thunderful Games tips its hand about metrics we do not normally see from studios. For one, we know that the 46-person team has roughly nine games in development, including an unlisted VR project for Zoink Games  “with one of the industry leaders of the field.” We also learn that the two studios have sold over two million games, but the exact number is not stated.

Now that the merger is completed, Image & Form’s CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson is most concerned about grabbing a bigger office. According to him:

The gaming industry is rife with opportunities and many try their hand at it. We know that in order to stay at the absolute top level, we must continue to develop world-class games. Fortunately, we are consistently proving that this is where we belong.

Both child companies of Thunderful Games have been making waves through 2017, thanks to the release of the (excellent) SteamWorld Dig 2 or the continuous stream of news regarding Fe and ports of other indie projects. However, it will be fascinating to see if they will spend 2018 and the next future years trying to purchase more European-based indie studios.

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