Starlink: Battle For Atlas’ Star Fox Trailer Features Wolf McDonnel and Andross

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The recently released title Starlink: Battle for Atlas is blurring the lines between gaming and toy collecting with its vast array of collectible ships. However, the game has a special treat in store for Nintendo fans as the Switch edition features non-other than the crew from SNES classic Star Fox.

The latest trailer focuses on Fox McCloud and his crew as they get involved in the ongoing battle against Grax and his armies. We also get to see Star Fox’s original antagonist conspiring with the devious Wolf McDonnel via holographic communications before the interstellar action explodes on screen.

From here we get the chance to see Fox in action as he takes to the skies in his iconic Arwing. Bright explosions and shots from the ship’s twin blasters light up the deep space battleground. Once inside a planet’s atmosphere, Fox concentrates fire on enormous ground-based enemies while performing barrel rolls before flying through tight tunnels filled with lasers.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. However, if you want to add Fox’s Arwing to your elite fleet of interchangeable ships you’ll have to pick up the Switch edition. If you want more information about what dangers await you in the depths of space, you can read our review of the game or watch our video review. Starlink: Battle for Atlas can be purchased from Amazon now.

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